Volume 10, (2021)

The AALCO Secretariat hereby presents the tenth volume of the AALCO Journal of International Law (2021). This volume includes scholarly articles, notes, comments, and some speeches written by professors, scholars, students, and practitioners of international law.
The volume provides insights and legal opinions on the most recent international law issues and comments upon the key developments in the work of international institutions. It is hoped that this volume provides a platform for discussion between scholars and practitioners of international law from the Asian-African regions on topics of common concern.
It therefore, aimed at making an important contribution to the dissemination and teaching of international law in the Asian-African region. I believe it shall be useful to students, lawyers, and teachers apart from government officials and practitioners as well as any persons who may be interested in matters of international law.

10.50in. × 6.50in. × 0.25in.